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What You Need To Know About George Foreman Grills
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George Foreman Grills

The George foreman grill is a range of grills touted as being able to “dramatically cut down on your fat intake while still being able to eat all your favorite meals.” Introduced in 1994 the grill is an electrically-heated, indoor grill manufactured by Salton, Inc. and has sold over 80 million grills worldwide. The grill comes in a variety of designs and sizes and offers various functions while staying true to the grilling purpose.

Compact Grills

Ideal for a single or couple household, the compact design is able to cook 2-3 portions at a time. Great for students, they offer everything that is expected from a George Foreman grill at a fraction of the size.

Family Grills

This is the classic George foreman grill. Able to dish out 4-5 portions, this is ideal for the larger households.

Entertaining Grills

These are whoppers, grilling up to ten portions at a time, entertain guests with freshly grilled food with added health benefits.

Removable Plates

Cleaning up has never been easier. This design comes with detachable grills that are easier to clean than previous models; throw them into the dishwasher or just soak them in the sink.

Grill & Melt

The top of this grill locks open and is ideal for grilling foods such as cheese on toast, tuna melts, mini pizzas or garlic bread.

Multifunctional Grills

Grill at your heart’s desire. The multifunctional grills offer a range of grilling options.


The grill comes with standard and optional cooking and cleanup accessories. These include grill sponges and replaceable grill plates in a variety of patterns and shapes.


The grills come with a small recipe book that gets you on the road to healthy cooking. Including low calorie, kids recipes, quick & easy, deserts and vegetarian recipes. Other George Foreman Grill owners have provided many more recipes online for your viewing pleasure.

Shelf Life

With proper and regular cleaning, a George foreman grill will last for years.

Cooking time

The George foreman grill cooks food at a relative pace depending on the size of the portion and what you are cooking, so a chicken breast will cook faster than a slab of steak and a ¼ inch steak will cook faster than a ½ inch steak.

Power usage

A George foreman grill will use less power than a standard electric stove and microwave running for the same length of time. In the long run it may be more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods. It is however important to unplug the unit after use as leaving it plugged in burns a small amount of electricity for a few minutes after use.

The variety of foods that you can grill using the George foreman is endless, to get some ideas you can look at recipes and make up ones of your own. Choose the grill that is right for you and household size. Cooking on the grill is healthier than traditional grilling methods. There’s is no smoke or particulates than can be cooked along with the meal as with charcoal grilling. The various oils and fats are allowed to drain away in a drip dish reducing your fat intake.


George Foreman Grills
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